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Top Tips is the longest established nail bar in Wellingborough Northampton and offers all things to do with nails. We take great pride in our acrylic extensions. Our acrylic nail technicians compete all over the country and are regularly placed in the top three against the countries best.

  • natural

    Acrylic nails

    Our most popular treatment within our salon, acrylic nails are now so popular most ladies include them as part of their regular beauty regime, our nail technicians are highly qualified and experienced, excelling in National Nail competitions and regularly being placed in the top three.

    We offer 3 types of extension including Acrylic Nail Sculptures, when we apply your acrylic nail extensions we never over etch the natural nail plate and never use an electric file (something many nail bars are now doing, causing damage to the natural nail) We take looking after your natural nails as important as your nail extensions. Once you have had your nail extensions applied you need to go into a maintenance programme, which is Infills and Backfills, if you do not wish to keep your acrylic nails on we always recommend that they are removed correctly within the salon, if nails are not removed in the correct way you can cause damage to your natural nails.

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  • infills

    Infills & backfills

    Sometimes referred to as rebalancing, this is the maintenance programme for acrylic nail extensions, the maintenance should be done every 2 to 3 weeks, some people will look at their nail extensions and think it doesn’t need doing this regular because they cant see any lifting but you should still stick to this time scale because what is actually happening is the acrylic extension is growing down with your natural nail and if it wasn’t infilled they could over balance, putting the natural nail at risk of breaking.

    So what is the difference between infill and backfills?

    Infills only deal with the re-growth at the cuticle area

    Backfill/rebalancing restores the structure of the acrylic nail, as your natural nail grows the smile line on your nail extension moves down, during a back fill the nail will be adjusted back to the desired length and the free edge thinned out so as we re apply the acrylic it does not become to thick, the smile line will be re applied and the apex of the nail will be re strengthened and finally the cuticle end will be filled in.

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  • manicure-pedicure

    Luxury manicures & pedicures

    Manicures and Pedicures are a beauty treatment that is recommended every 4 weeks to ensure you keep your skin, cuticles and nails in tiptop condition, we offer two types of manicures and pedicures:

    • Express manicure: shaping the nail and cuticle work followed by a nail polish of your choice.
    • Express pedicure: Shaping the toenails and cuticle work followed by a nail polish of your choice.
    • Luxury manicure: Exfoliation, massage and mask with heated mitts, shaping and buffing of the natural nails, cuticle work followed by a nail polish of your choice.
    • Luxury pedicure: Soak, exfoliation and hard skin removal followed by a massage and mask with heated booties, shaping of the nails followed by a nail polish of your choice.
    • Callus peel: This can be added to either of the pedicure treatments, callus peel is added to areas which have a particularly bad build up of hard skin, the callus peel is left on for 15 minutes allowing us to scrape away unsightly hard skin (more than one treatment may be needed on particularly bad areas).
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  • gel-polish

    Gel polish

    A fantastic nail treatment that was actually invented in Northamptonshire. Many people refer to it as shellac nails but this is purely because it was one of the first brands made, since then the popularity of the nail treatment has grown and many high profile nail company’s do their own brand, we have tried many different brands including shellac and have now settled on our favourite which is the Attitude range.

    Long gone are the days of waiting for nail polish to dry, you can now just pop into your nail salon and have this treatment done and leave straight away with no fear of your nail polish denting or smudging.

    Your gel nail polish will last two to three weeks and should be removed professionally. Follow our Facebook link for images.

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  • news3

    3D nail art

    3D nail art is three dimensional artwork on the fingernails, generally the design is created onto an acrylic nail extension.

    Nail salons are seeing today’s modern woman using their acrylic nail extensions as a big fashion statement and traditional nail shapes are being replaced for the new lipstick, ballerina and stiletto nails, many people are adding the 3D nail art and nail technicians are loving the challenge enabling them to showcase their nail art work, follow our Facebook link for example images.

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  • natural-nails

    Natural nail extensions

    At a time when everyone is after vibrant nail extensions with 3D Nail Art and full nail art all over the nails, some ladies still prefer the exquisite natural looking nail extensions.

    We can offer these with either tip with overlay in clear or with a permanent French polish but with a more natural looking white, we can also offer the Nails Sculptures in clear or with French or American polish.

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    Nail Sculptures

    Acrylic nail sculptures are a more advanced form of nail extension offered by level three nail technicians, they are in our opinion (when applied correctly) the most superior nail extension you can get, no tip or glue is used to apply the extension, instead a form is attached to your finger and used as a base whilst your nail technician sculptures the acrylic to fit your exact nail shape, this is particularly suitable for nail bitters, if you follow the link to our Facebook page you can get some images to see just how great the results really are. Once finished the form is removed leaving you with a great natural looking and feeling nails. For more advice on acrylic nail sculptures please call one of our nail technicians at Top Tips nail salon on Wellingborough 01933 441333


    Nail Price List

    Acrylic Nails Our salon is an mma free salon so you can feel safe in the knowledge that care is taken with the natural nail whilst applying an acrylic extension. An acrylic extension should always be removed professionally.

    Acrylic Nails

    • Tips and overlay From £20.00
    • Sculptured nails From £38.00
    • Acrylic tips with gel polish £36.00

    Acrylic Maintenance

    Acrylic maintenance is recommended every 2 to 3 weeks

    • Infill’s £22.00
    • In and backfills/rebalance £30.00
    • Nail Repairs £4.00
    • Nail Removals £11.00 (£8 if re-applied the same day)

    Gel Polish

    Strengthen your nails and keep your polish lasting longer with the latest gel polishes.

    • Express gel manicure£25
    • Express gel pedicure£26
    • Luxury gel manicure£32
    • Luxury gel pedicure£36
    • Fingers and toes £35
    • Remove gel fingers £5
    • Remove gel toe £6
    • **SPECIAL OFFER** Express gel manicure and pedicure£49.50

    B.I.A.B Nails

    Gel overlays to protect and strengthen the natural nail

    • Express B.I.A.B nails £29
    • Infill B.I.A.B nails£25


    Manicures & Pedicures


    • Express manicure £13.00
    • To include cuticle work, shape and polish
    • Express pedicure £14
    • To include cuticle work, shape and polish
    • Luxury manicure £22.00
    • To include cuticle work, buffing, exfoliation for removal of dead skin, hard skin removal, massage and mask with hot mitts and then finished with a shape and polish of your choice.


    • Luxury pedicure £25.00
    • To include cuticle work, buffing, exfoliation for removal of dead skin, hard skin removal, massage and mask with hot mitts and then finished with a shape and Polish of your choice
    • Little princess nails £7.50
    • A polish and basic nail art for under 12 yrs
    • Callus Peel £15.00 Per Area