highly qualified & experienced

Nail Technicians

Our most popular treatment within our salon, acrylic nails are now so popular most ladies include them as part of their regular beauty regime, our nail technicians are highly qualified and experienced, excelling in National Nail competitions and regularly being placed in the top three.

We offer 3 types of extension including Acrylic Nail Sculptures, when we apply your acrylic nail extensions we never over etch the natural nail plate and never use an electric file (something many nail bars are now doing, causing damage to the natural nail) We take looking after your natural nails as important as your nail extensions. Once you have had your nail extensions applied you need to go into a maintenance programme, which is Infills and Backfills, if you do not wish to keep your acrylic nails on we always recommend that they are removed correctly within the salon, if nails are not removed in the correct way you can cause damage to your natural nails.

You can occasionally get a breakage, acrylic nails are designed to break on impact, some thing the old MMA Nails were not designed to do (follow the mma link for more information) the acrylic nails must be able to break so as not to do damage to your natural nail underneath.